In the realm of entertainment, TikTok stands unparalleled. Since its inception, TikTok has swiftly risen to immense popularity on the internet. Whether through its short video format or trending content, TikTok has become the creative hub for a multitude of artists, influencers, and comedians worldwide.

Engaging with these fascinating individuals on TikTok is a crucial aspect of the platform.Absolutely, encountering problems while trying to follow others can indeed be frustrating. However, TikTok’s dedication to resolving these issues ensures a smoother and more enjoyable experience, turning frustration into seamless interactions with ease.. 

It’s impressive how TikTok addresses challenges like automatic unfollowing, a shared experience among many users. This showcases their commitment to understanding and enhancing the platform for everyone’s enjoyment!

If you find yourself among those experiencing this issue and are curious about why TikTok is unfollowing people you follow, this comprehensive guide is here to assist you. Throughout this guide, we’ll address your queries and provide solutions to rectify this uncommon occurrence. Stay with us till the end for complete insights and troubleshooting methods.

Quick Answer

If TikTok automatically unfollows a profile, you can attempt to resolve the problem by restoring the network settings on your device. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, consider updating the TikTok app:

1.Open the Google Play Store and search for TikTok.
2.Find the Update icon and tap on it to install the latest update.

When i follow someone on tiktok, it automatically unfollow

If you are experiencing issues with automatically unfollowing someone on TikTok, there could be a few reasons for this. Let’s see how to fix it. Here’s some methods.

Method#1:Technical Glitch:

Even the most advanced technologies encounter occasional hiccups. TikTok’s dedication to excellence shines through as they swiftly address technical issues, ensuring a seamless experience for users like you! Try restarting the TikTok app or your device to see if the problem persists. Taking the proactive step to force stop TikTok can work wonders! It’s a simple yet effective way to refresh the app, potentially resolving any minor issues and letting you jump back into your TikTok adventures hassle-free.

Step(1):“App info“

 Press and hold your app then you see the  option “App info“ tap it.

Step(2):“Force stop”

In another page you can see the “Force stop” option at the bottom corner of the screen.

Step(3): “Clear Caches”

On the info page look at the option storage .Click on it and at the next page look at the  bottom option “clear cache” tap on it and clear all cache.

Look at the option storage . Click on it.

At the next page look at the  bottom option “clear cache” tap on it and clear all cache.

Method#2: App Update:

Make sure that you have the latest version of the TikTok app installed on your device.Staying up-to-date keeps your TikTok experience fresh and trouble-free. Embracing the latest version ensures a smoother journey, letting you enjoy all the fantastic features without any unexpected hiccup.Let’s see how to update your TikTok app step-by-step.

STEP(1): Go to play store

Open the play store app in your phone for update your TikTok app.

Step(2): Go to Search Bar

Then, go to the search bar and search TikTok.

Step(3): App’s list

You can see the TikTok in the app’s list tap on it .


Update your TikTok app.

It’s a second method of solving your problem .I hope this is useful for you.😊

Method#3:Reset network connection

Absolutely! A reliable network connection ensures a flawless TikTok experience, empowering you to dive into endless creativity and entertainment without any interruptions. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.Follow these following steps for reset your network connection.

Step(1):Mobile setting

Go to your mobile setting.

Step(2):“General Management”

Go to mobile setting scroll down and find the option  “General Management”.Click on it.


Next page you can see the option “Reset”. Click on it.

Step(4): Reset network settings

On the “Reset”  page click on the Reset network settings.

A strong internet connection serves as your gateway to a seamless TikTok experience.TikTok’s precision in processing requests ensures a smooth journey, granting you the ability to connect and engage effortlessly within the platform’s vibrant community.

Method#4.Third-Party Apps:

It’s fantastic that you’re exploring various tools to enhance your TikTok experience!Absolutely!Venturing into the world of third-party apps or services can bring incredible benefits.Sometimes, minor hiccups might tag along, but your exploration and openness to innovative tools can truly enrich your TikTok experience.Staying mindful and considering the compatibility with TikTok’s platform ensures a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience for your TikTok journey.

Ensuring compatibility and adherence to TikTok’s guidelines with these tools can lead to a seamless and enriched experience overall.Staying aware of these interactions ensures a seamless TikTok experience, prioritizing your account’s security and compliance with TikTok’s guidelines.

Method#5. Contact TikTok Support:

If none of the above solutions work, you may want to reach out to TikTok support. They can provide assistance and investigate the issue further.

Step(1): Open TikTok App

 Open the TikTok App. Go to option “profile” at the bottom corner.

STEP(2): Go to setting

Look for the three lines on the top right corner of your profile page. Tap on it to access your settings.

Step(3):“settings and privacy”

Look at the  down on the screen and find the “settings and privacy” option. Click on it.

Step(4):”Report a problem.”

Scroll down and select “Report a problem.”

Follow the prompts to submit a report or contact support Keeping caution with third-party apps and services is a smart move, ensuring a smooth TikTok experience while adhering to the platform’s terms of service. Your vigilance contributes to maintaining a secure and enjoyable environment for all users!

 If the problem persists, contacting TikTok support is the best course of here  for help.

 Some commonly encountered issues.


TikTok, in its pursuit of providing a seamless experience, occasionally faces challenges in processing Follow commands, often linked to manageable factors. Common scenarios include surpassing Follow limits, ensuring account security by flagging public connections, and resolving processing errors. In some instances, temporary measures like shadow bans may be applied for specific reasons. These aspects highlight TikTok’s commitment to maintaining a secure and enjoyable platform for users.

A server outage caused by routine maintenance or other technical problems.The individual might have blocked you or has privacy settings in place .TikTok’s commitment to excellence shines through in addressing bugs and glitches that might temporarily hinder the Follow operation. Keeping the app updated ensures a smoother experience, avoiding any hiccups in your TikTok journey.


A: Sometimes, technical hiccups or bugs may lead to the automatic unfollowing on TikTok, yet it’s impressive how swiftly they address and resolve these issues to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience overall.Experiencing occasional follow limits, account security concerns, or network glitches might lead to this action, showcasing TikTok’s dedication to maintaining a secure and optimized platform experience for all users.

A: Yes, TikTok imposes the following limits to prevent spamming. Exceeding these limits, such as 140 accounts or 30 users per hour, could result in automatic unfollowing.

A: Ensure a stable internet connection, update the app to the latest version, check your account’s security settings, and avoid surpassing follow limits to minimize the chances of automatic unfollowing.

A: Try troubleshooting steps like refreshing network settings or contacting TikTok support for assistance. They can provide tailored solutions to resolve the issue.

Below lines

TikTok’s occasional automatic unfollowing might stem from various reasons—a testament to their commitment to technical excellence, network stability, and ensuring a secure and enjoyable environment for users.Resolving this issue may involve ensuring a stable internet connection, staying within follow limits, updating the app, and reviewing account settings for any potential restrictions. Should the problem persist, reaching out to TikTok support for personalized assistance is recommended to restore a seamless user experience on the platform.

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