Managing your TikTok account includes tidying up your search history. If you’re aiming to sweep away your past searches and keep your explorations private, TikTok provides a straightforward method to delete your search history. This action ensures a fresh start for your browsing experience, allowing you to navigate the app without any lingering traces of previous searches.

How to delete TikTok search history?

Quick Answer

1.Open the TikTok app: 
2. Tap search bar :
3.Remove specific terms by pressing the ‘x’
4.Tap on “clear all”:

How to delete TikTok search history?

Method#1:Clear TikTok search history by “Search Bar”

Step#1:Open the TikTok app: 

Launch the TikTok app on your device.

Step#2Tap search bar :

Tap the magnifying glass or search bar at the top of the screen.

Step#3:Remove specific terms:

Remove specific terms by pressing the ‘x’ next to each one.

Step#4:Tap on “clear all”:

Opt for a complete clear-out by choosing ‘clear all.’


Confirm your decision by tapping ‘confirm’ to remove your entire search history.

Method#2:Clear TikTok search history by “setting”.

Step#1:Open the TikTok app:

Go to the app on your device.

Step#2:Access your profile:

Tap on “profile” or your profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step#3:Go to Settings:

Look for the three dots or the gear icon (Settings) on the top right corner of your profile page and tap on it.

Step#4:Find and tap on Activity center:

Within the Settings menu, scroll down until you find “Activity center” and tap on it.

Step#5:Clear Search History:

Look for an option like “Clear Search History” or “Search History.” Tap on it, and you’ll likely see an option “select” to clear your search history. Then click on select all search history after that click on delete all. Confirm your action if prompted.

Confirm your action if prompted.


Deleting your TikTok search history can enhance privacy and prevent others from seeing your previous searches. It also provides a clean slate for your future searches.

Deleting your search history won’t impact your For You page recommendations. TikTok’s algorithm focuses on your interactions with content rather than your search history.

As of my last update, TikTok doesn’t have a feature to selectively delete specific searches. The process involves clearing the entire search history at once.

No, clearing your search history doesn’t affect liked or saved videos. It solely removes the record of your past searches.

The process to delete search history on TikTok remains relatively similar across devices, but the placement of options might vary slightly based on the operating system and app version.


In conclusion, managing your TikTok search history is a simple yet effective way to enhance privacy and create a fresh start for your browsing experience. By following the straightforward steps outlined in this guide, you can easily delete your search history on TikTok, keeping your explorations private and ensuring a clean slate for future engagements on the platform. Whether for personal preference or privacy reasons, taking control of your search history is a quick and accessible feature within TikTok’s settings.

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