Collections stand out as one of TikTok’s widely embraced features, offering users a convenient way to organize their trove of saved videos. If you’re looking to streamline your TikTok experience by removing a collection, the process is straightforward. Wondering how to bid farewell to a collection on TikTok? Let’s delve into the details.πŸš€βœ¨πŸ˜‰

How to delete a collection on tiktok?

Quick Answer

1. Open the TikTok app:
2.Go to your profile:
3.Access “Favorites”:
4.Find “Collections”:
5.Select the collection:
6.Tap the Manage videos:
7.Choose “Delete collection”
8.Confirm deletion:

How to delete a collection on tiktok?

Here are the steps on how to delete a collection on TikTok:

Step#1:Open the TikTok app:

Start by launching the TikTok app on your mobile device.

Step#2:Go to your profile:

Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to access your profile page.

Step#3:Access “Favorites”:Β 

Once on your profile, locate the “Favorites” tab (indicated by a heart icon) and tap on it.

Step#4:Find “Collections”:

Within the “Favorites” tab, you’ll see a section for “Collections.” Tap on “Collections.”

Step#5:Select the collection:

Identify the specific collection you want to delete and tap on it to open it.

Step#6:Tap the Manage videos:

In the top right corner of the collection screen, you’ll see setting icons with manage videos . Tap on it to reveal a menu of options.

Step#7:Choose “Delete collection”:

Β From the menu that appears, select the option labeled “Delete collection.”

Step#8:Confirm deletion:

A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Tap on “Delete” to permanently remove the collection.

Important notes:

  • Deleting a collection is irreversible. Once you delete it, you cannot retrieve the videos that were in it.
  • If you only want to remove specific videos from a collection without deleting the entire collection, you can do so by tapping on the videos within the collection and selecting “Remove from collection.”
  • TikTok does not currently offer a way to delete multiple collections at once. You’ll need to delete each collection individually.


A: No, you’ll need to delete each collection individually.

A: No, once you delete a collection, it’s gone permanently.

A: The videos are not deleted. They will remain in your favorites, but they will no longer be part of the deleted collection.

A: Yes, you can do this by tapping on the videos within the collection and selecting “Remove from collection.”

A: Yes, you can create as many collections as you like.

A: No, there is no limit.

A: No, your collections are private. Only you can see them.

A: No, there is currently no way to share collections on TikTok.


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